Easy Meetings For Confluence

Make planning a meeting a simple task

Make your team participate in choosing the right date for a meeting or an event.

Add macro

In edit page mode, add macro 'Sc easy meetings' for Easy Meetings plugin.
Or 'Sc meetings' if you have Polls and Questions For Confluence

Specify macro parameters

Enter Question you want to ask to your team, and a unique text key for this macro.

Macro is ready

Click publish

Add dates

Move the mouse over the profile (in our example, the green rectangle 'Sarah Kepler'), a text input appear, click inside and select a date time. A column appear with entered date time.
You can remove this column, by placing the mouse over time section of the column and clicking the remove icon.

Repeat this operation

Repeat this operation, until having all needed dates.

First user

The first user will see this screen, and will choose dates, he is available.

Another user

This user will see votes of previous voters.

In the end

Poll creator, will know which date suits the most her team.