Polls and Questions For Confluence

Make nice polls

With 'Polls and Questions For Confluence' make nice and easy to use polls with many options.

Add Poll Macro

Type {poll and select 'Sc polls' macro.

Enter macro data

Enter the question of the poll, and a unique key value in this page. If you add many polls in the same page, this key must be different from one poll to another. And click 'Insert'

Macro is created

The macro appear in the page. Click 'Publish'

Poll has no responses to the question

Click 'Edit Mode to add responses and choose options'.

Edit section appear

You can see the text box to add responses, and options boxes.

Add Response

Enter response text, Choose color, and click button 'Add'

Repeat this action

Add as many responses as you desire.

Select options and See the Poll

Click the options you want and click 'Vote Mode'.

Poll Appear

No one has voted yet

Update or remove a response

Just click in the textbox of the response you want to update or remove.

Poll after votes

Poll appear like this after users make votes.